Bardmoor Association

2020 Board of Directors

President   Ashley Malone  
Vice President   Stephanie See    Director  Matt Sullivan
Treasurer   --------    Director  Kimberly Di Luigi
Secretary   William White    Director  Phil Day
         Director  Ivette Arroyo

The BNPOA mission is to provide for the care and maintenance of the common areas assigned to the BNPOA by recorded declaration.

Bardmoor North is comprised of 359 homes located in Largo, Florida. Several separate developments comprise the property owners association, The Trails, The Cloisters, The Arbors, Maidstone, The Chase, Fairway Villas, and Barmoor Country Club, Bardmoor Estates, Indian Hills Estates.

Bardmoor North is a community of three hundred fifty nine homes and condominiums located in Largo, Florida in Pinellas County. The Master Association responsible for the community common areas is the Bardmoor North Property Owners Association. As time moves forward we can continually add aditional information to this page. If there are items that you would like to see listed here please contact the property manager to make suggestions. Thank you!

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DIRECTORS AND OFFICERS POLICYPosted for your review and information, this years insurance policies.

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